Client recommendations

Shamit Saggar
Chairman, UPP Group Holdings

UPP is a market-leading firm and as such faces important challenges at Board level.
Through the Board Review we have been able to focus on being more efficient and risk aware in our Board discussions. The work was highly professional, suitably light touch and practical in its outputs - invaluable features from the perspective of the Chairman.

Jackie Lynch
Chairman, ION

'Thank you so much for your sterling effort at the training session. The content was exactly what was needed and you made a potentially dry subject very interesting. I was also extremely impressed by your time management! I think it was just what we needed as a group ... We should definitely do more of this... You really did do a brilliant job and I'm sure we will operate more effectively as a result. '

Jamie Drummond-Smith
Chairman, Barbon Insurance Group Limited

'The Board found the evaluation process a very valuable and interesting experience with a clear set of recommendations. The feedback was excellent.'

John Roberts
Chairman, RBC Europe Limited

'Board Insight were employed by RBC Europe Limited to help us undertake our first externally facilitated Board evaluation. They worked closely with the Board, provided very useful insights and helped us to a successful conclusion, resulting in a programme of actions which have improved our Board performance and overall corporate governance.'

André Confavreux
Company Secretary, Gem Diamonds plc

'Board Insight has helped to review and comment upon the CG section of our Annual Report. The advice was helpful and ensured we were aware of best practice. I believe that this section of our AR was the better for their input.